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About Us

Future Oriented

Our Method

AxNano is an innovative commercialization company transforming how PFAS and other emerging contaminants are captured and destroyed. Our team develops and deploys equipment platforms that: restore clean water, create value for shareholders and improve the lives of stakeholders in impacted communities. AxNano sells deployable equipment platforms to customers in the waste management and environmental engineering industries in both government and commercial sectors.


Intellectual Property Portfolio

We assess technologies for technical feasibility, operational performance and scalability and evaluate based on technical, market and execution risk factors. We’ve attracted over $6.4 Million in SBIR funding for further research, development and engineering.


Pathway & Scale

We have optimized an efficient, effective pathway for developing new environmental technologies and advancing their Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), accelerating pilot deployments and manufacturing and production to achieve scale.


Manfacturing & Production

We partner with a trusted network of global corporations and certified service providers for manufacturing and production that enable global delivery of our waste treatment systems.

Every year, more people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war.

United Nations on Water Quality (source)

How will the world be different

Our why

Environmental contamination and climate changes on a global scale require responsible innovation. AxNano understands that technology has the ability to dramatically increase the standard of living in a single generation. Our ethos, our team, and our “busnical” (balanced business and technical) approach ensures that we deliver products the market desperately needs.

Global Sustainability

Corporations must deploy a variety of technological solutions to mitigate environmental risk. Mobilizing these solutions can create new value.

Support Marginalized Communities

Environmental challenges disproportionately affect marginalized communities. Our products keep the well-being of impacted communities at the forefront.

Clean water

Introducing new tools for improved waste management practices that reduce environmental impacts to sources of surface water and groundwater.

Recalibrate Industry

Helping clients with platform solutions that help industry to mitigate long-term environmental and health effects while addressing litigation risk.
"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."
Robert Swan
Environmental Leader & Author

(*) Busnical



Characteristic of a unique balance of consideration to both scientific and market feasibility. 

The disruptors

Meet the team

Doug Speight, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Serial tech entrepreneur, former Entrepreneur-In-Residence for Google for Startups, CODE2040, GIGTANK and commercialization lead for NC A&T State University, NASA, Dept. of Energy- Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Alexis wells Carpenter, PhD

Chief Innovation officer

Inventor, principal investigator, global R&D leader, innovation assessment and business development lead

Don Joyner

Chief Financial Officer

Financial strategy and management executive with global tech and manufacturing corporations

Eric Wu, PhD

Applications Engineer

Global R&D leader in material science, wastewater treatment systems, manufacturing and production, Six Sigma

Nadezda Ojeda, MS

Associate Scientist

Research specialist, biosafety level 2 laboratory management, water quality specialization, field-based research specialist

Mark Martich, MBA

Senior Engineer

Global product development and manufacturing leader, product design, project management, applications engineering and field support

Edward Hart

Product Design Engineer

Product design engineering, manufacturing and production, mechanical and electrical specialization, process improvement

Shari Hazel

Operations Specialist

Central accounting, accounts management, processing, inventory and facility management

The Advisors

Meet the board

James e. dunn, jr.

Partner and Member of Newport LLC

Dennis Stearns

President of Stearns Financial Group

Chad oakley

Chief Executive Officer of Charles Aris Executive Search

Bill mcivor

Retired Health Care Executive and Investor

charles gause

Vice President of Business Development at Axon Connected

Bill mcivor

Co-founder & board member

The Partners

Key Collaborators

Stephanie Luster-Teasley, PhD

Inventor and Interim Dean of the College of Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University

Bill mcivor

Co-founder & board member

Jeff Albano helps environmental consultants, site managers, owners, and public-sector agencies remediate contaminated soil and groundwater with innovative approaches and emerging technologies such as controlled release polymer oxidants. Albano has led remediation projects across a broad range of site conditions and formations. Having served as both environmental and remediation consultant, his experience informs the guidance he provides. 



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